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Seek is a meditation venture started by Kshitij and Akash (IIT and ISB) to bring the best of spirituality and meditation from India to the world. We have handpicked the best teachers from the land of meditation, India to give you the most authentic experience of this ancient practice.
We do specialized programs relating to meditation therapy, kundalini, chakra balancing, vipassana, and targeted programs for gut health, hypertension, heart diseases, PCOS, Diabetes, Cancer, and other chronic diseases too. Write to us to know more :) So join us on the mission to make this planet more conscious, one day at a time.

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Kshitij Agarwal & Akash Jain are the founders of Seek. They both share a deep interest in meditation primarily having been for multiple Vipasaana retreats from a very young age. They both are alumns of IIT and ISB. Kshitij was a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and Akash was the Director of Product at Urban Company.

Kshitij Agarwal

"Dropping the ego (self) and the numerous stories that come with it is critical for internal peace. Practice is all one needs.

Akash Jain

"Happiness is a choice, knowing meditation makes you aware of that choice and practicing it helps you exercise it.

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